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Welcome to Wildwood Catholic High School. This website provides a glimpse at a school that stretches back to 1948, and thrives today as a vibrant community that lives by its motto Fides Et Scientia - Faith and Knowledge. We are proud of our history and continue to strive towards excellence in the future.

Wildwood Catholic High School is bound by an understanding that our students are expected to take an active part in school life and, later on, life in the adult world; to take chances within this caring community; to learn from their experiences, and then, to enrich the world in which they live. We believe that education is an all-encompassing affair, and we trust that this website will allow you to learn about our past, gain some insight into our present, and see first-hand the direction we are heading as we aim towards the future.

Please take advantage of the links and functionability of this website to gain up to date information.


"The small learning environment at WCHS allows us to get to know our teachers and classmates much better than a big school." - 12th Grader

"Fides et Scientia. It means faith and knowledge. Here at Wildwood Catholic I believe that I have developed in both my faith and knowledge... In attending Wildwood Catholic, I learned that with God anything is surely possible." - 12th Grader

"I learned that if someone really talks to God and prays, it will be easy to understand and learn what God teaches us... Although I am not Catholic, religion affects my life for the better." - 11th Grade International Student