Wildwood Catholic High School

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition & Fees: $8950 plus $200 registration fee for new students

2018.2019: $100 registration fee for returning student

$300 graduation fee for seniors

Wildwood Catholic High School appreciates that tuition payments may be a financial hardship for some families. There is some financial aid available on a need basis. Financial awards are recalculated every year. An independent company, FACTS, prepares an analysis for us of a family’s ability to pay and this serves as the basis for awards.

Any family seeking financial assistance MUST go through the FACTS application. NO aid can be awarded without a completed FACTS analysis.

Register with FACTS now and apply online

All families are expected to register with FACTS for automatic payments with the exception of those who pay in one or two payments: in full by August 15, or half in August and half in January. Payments may be made at the school or through FACTS.

Please call the main office if you have any questions regarding tuition. 609.522.7257