Wildwood Catholic High School


Scholarship opportunities are numerous. Many schools offer scholarship to students based on merit. Local organizations and benefactors offer scholarship based on a wide variety of variables. National scholarships are available to our students, also based on a multitude of variables.

Students should begin investigating local and national scholarship opportunites during their Junior year, even though most are not available to them until they are Seniors. By investigating these opportunities during their Junior year students can prepare themselves for the specified requirements before their Senior year begins.

Local scholarships are available in the Guidance Office throughout the year. Most scholarships begin to arrive after the first of the year. Please use the links below to investigate the many National scholarships that are available to the students. Please note that Connections 101 is a group that we have worked with to help our students learn strategies for obtaining scholarship. www.connections101.com

Scholarship Resources:

www.fastweb.com                            www.scholarshipexperts.com

www.scholarships.com                     www.findtuition.com 

www.scholarshipamerica.org            www.graduatetutor.com/scholarships/

www.wiredscholar.com                    www.findtherightscholarship.com