Wildwood Catholic High School

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Faculty and support staff are listed below.

Please feel free to contact any staff members by calling the school at 609.522.7257 or by emailing them at their listed address below.

Mrs. Linda Billiris
Mrs. Linda Billiris l.billiris@wildwoodcatholic.org Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Victoria Bolle
Mrs. Victoria Bolle v.bolle@wildwoodcatholic.org Foreign Language
Mr.Richard Turco
Mr.Richard Turco r.turco@wildwoodcatholic.org Foreign Language
Mr. Edward Karapcik
Mr. Edward Karapcik e.karapcik@wildwoodcatholic.org Mathematics
Mr. Joe Kubiak
Mr. Joe Kubiak j.kubiak@wildwoodcatholic.org Science/Mathematics
Mrs. Linda McBride
Mrs. Linda McBride l.mcbride@wildwoodcatholic.org Guidance Secretary
Mrs. Katie McCann
Mrs. Katie McCann k.mccann@wildwoodcatholic.org Religion
Mr. Timothy O'Brien
Mr. Timothy O'Brien t.obrien@wildwoodcatholic.org History
Mr. Matthew Schelling
Mr. Matthew Schelling m.schelling@wildwoodcatholic.org Mathematics
Mrs. Janice Schumann
Mrs. Janice Schumann j.schumann@wildwoodcatholic.org English/Religion
Mrs. Craig Gras
Mrs. Craig Gras c.gras@wildwoodcatholic.org English/ History
Ms. Laura Hancq
Ms. Laura Hancq l.hancq@wildwoodcatholic.org Language Arts and Literature
Mr. David Watson
Mr. David Watson d.watson@wildwoodcatholic.org Science/ Mathematics
Mr. Salvatore Zuccarello
Mr. Salvatore Zuccarello s.zuccarello@wildwoodcatholic.org Health/ Psychology
Ms. Mary Walsh
Ms. Mary Walsh m.walsh@wildwoodcatholic.org Art
Mrs. Linda Bischoff
Mrs. Linda Bischoff l.bischoff@wildwoodcatholic.org School Nurse
Mrs. Kathy Robb
Mrs. Kathy Robb k.robb@wildwoodcatholic.org Mathematics 
Ms. Beatrice Pessagno
Ms. Beatrice Pessagno b.pessagno@wildwoodcatholic.org Foreign Language