Wildwood Catholic High School


Wildwood Catholic High School offers a comprehensive college preparatory curriculum for students who are among the best and brightest of their peers not only locally, but regionally and nationally as well.

At the same time, Wildwood Catholic High School provides a college preparatory experience for students of varying academic abilities as well. On average historically,95% of all Wildwood Catholic High School students move on to higher education, an achievement of which the Wildwood Catholic community is very proud.

In order to help students not only prepare for admission but for success in higher education, Wildwood Catholic employs a holistic approach to the education of the young person-we strive to empower not only students' minds, but also their bodies, hearts, and souls as well.

"My daughter had a great experience at WCHS. She enjoyed the small class sizes and graduated with honors. She is now studying at an Ivy League college. My family and I applaud WCHS for her wonderful education". -Parent